The Warm-Up

Why should you warm-up?

You should always start your workout with a good warm-up so that you can spend more time focused on moving well. Instead of needing the first few sets or reps to get going, a good warm-up will allow you to lift effortlessly, lift heavier, and with better technique. Better warm-up = more quality time actually hitting your goals! This all leads to better performances and a reduced risk of injury.

The whole goal of a warm-up is to prepare yourself physically and mentally to meet the demands of your workout. This might mean a less intensive warm-up is required before an easy workout and a more intensive warm-up before a more challenging workout as the demands are going to be different.

Think of the warm-up as an opportunity to target areas of weakness or to bring awareness to muscle(s) or joints that need it. For example, if the goal is to improve hip extension or “feel” the glutes working, a single set of hip thrusts might help to address that particular weakness that can then be transferred directly into your exercises. Consistently address a weakness over time and you will almost certainly see an increase in strength and efficiency of that movement.

The ideal warm-up follows the structure of general to specific and less intense to more intense. In other words, starting out with some light dynamic mobility and moving towards something like tempo squats or push-ups will help you feel prepared and confident you can crush your workout!

Warm-up checklist: Does my warm-up…

  •  Increase body temperature and heart rate?
  • Target mobility deficits?
  • Target strength deficits?
  • Improve technique?
  • Move from less intense to more intense?
  • Get me mentally prepared?

Post written by Jordan Collison

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