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At our clinic your health and wellness team will help to develop a customized health care plan by:

  • Identifying inefficient and weak movement patterns that should occur naturally ie. Squatting to pick up an object
  • Treating the root cause of these weak or aberrant patterns utilizing, chiropractic, rehabilitation and massage therapy
  • Strengthening and conditioning your new and improved movement patterns working either 1 on 1 or in small groups to achieve your health goals
  • Utilizing nutrition to ensure your body has the fuel to recover, heal and restore.

Our Mission

At Ignite Health our team of practitioners work together to develop the best plan of action to help you achieve your health goals. Utilizing our hybrid clinic and gym model, we can help you achieve greater results, faster, and all within a safe, supportive and inclusive environment regardless of your level of health, wellness or fitness

Fitness Consultation

Why Choose Us?

Customized Care

Working together, our team will find the right wellness plan for you and your body using various tools to ensure that you are moving at your best

Health Coaching

Our trainers provide a customized plan for you, including nutrition and strength training exercises that fit your body

Fitness and Performance

We offer personal and small group training to help reach your fitness goals. We deliver training based on the physical abilities of each participant

Our Team

Derek Anderson Ignite Health
Dr. Derek Anderson
Doctor of Chiropractic
Jane Weber
Dr. Jane Weber
Doctor of Chiropractic
Crystal Sleiman
Crystal Sleiman
Health Coach
Dr. Kaitlin Oliver
Doctor of Chiropractic
Jordan Collison
Jordan Collison
Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer
Manouela Milkova
Registered Massage Therapist
Michelle Mckillican
Registered Massage Therapist

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