IGNITE Gym Memberships

Join our IGNITE community in this very limited membership to our elite gym space that includes high-end equipment and personalized classes.

What you get with our membership:

1)      Improved accountability

2)      Trackable fitness and health goals

3)      Improved efficacy of exercise delivery

4)      Personalized feel to the fitness programming

5)      A fun and non-intimidating environment for exercise

Assessment -> Pick your package -> Pick your times -> Hit your goals

1)      You will begin you program with an assessment so that we can learn about your goals, see the way you move and document your level of fitness

2)      You will select your workout time slots. These will be consistent, dedicated time slots for your workouts. The purpose of having dedicated time is to help with commitment, allowing trainers to plan appropriate workouts for the individuals in the class and ensuring that we have full time slots. We do understand that life comes up and if you do need to change your time slot, please reach out to Crystal prior to the beginning of that week and every effort will be made to accommodate you.

3)      Every workout will have a posted “workout of the day” which will consist of a mix of stability, mobility, strength, and conditioning.

4)      All sessions will be trainer-led, where the trainer will keep a close eye on your movement to determine whether you can progress to a more advanced level.

5)      We will customize your workout to your abilities using our new state-of-the-art software which tracks your progress.

6)      We will post strength goals to strive for with each movement pattern.

7)      You are eligible to be reassessed every 4-8 weeks to continue progression.

Purchase Option Rate Cost per month Cost per week
Drop In 22 22 22
4 month 2x per week 20 160 40
4 month 3 x per week 18 216 54
4 month 4x per week 16 256 64
8 month 2x per week 18 144 36
8 month 3x per week 16 192 48
8 month 4x per week 14 224 56
12 month 2x per week 16 128 32
12 month 3x per week 14 168 42


12 months 4x per week 14 224 56

Try our 6-week intro program to see if this is right for you! 

What you get: Access to an exclusive app allowing you to measure your progress and track your wins, two semi-private training sessions weekly, and bi-weekly weigh-ins and measurements to help keep you motivated and held accountable!

Receive 25% off this program if you sign up before July 15th, 2023!

To purchase a membership visit our online booking site.

For questions or concerns, call the office: 519-956-7331 or email info@ignitehealth.ca

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