The 12- Week Turnaround

Blog post by: Dr. Derek Anderson

I want to introduce you to someone that has become a prime example of how our vision for patient care and how a person’s determination can change the course of their life.

When I first met Elly, she was in chronic pain. Even just spending a few hours on her feet at work would create severe symptoms and this would affect her life on a daily basis.  She had chronic neck pain, numbness into her right arm, bilateral plantar fasciitis which caused her to alter her gait and create lower back pain. Yardwork and even going for walks resulted in hours of pain, limiting her physical activity for fear of being in discomfort.

Elly had received years’ worth of chiropractic and physiotherapy care targeted at alleviating her symptoms including shockwave therapy, ionophoresis, stretching, manual therapy, and laser therapy. During this treatment, Elly also had surgery on her cervical spine in 2018 due to neurologic symptoms.

When we first spoke, Elly was discouraged and even skeptical but she set out a goal to become pain free so she could become more physically active and improve her quality of life.

The last thing Elly needed was another promise or another proposal of some piece of equipment that was going to “cure her pain”. What Elly needed was a plan.

Through a thorough assessment, a plan was created. With a combination of manual treatment, active care, medical treatment to reduce inflammation and Elly’s determination, within 6 weeks Elly’s quality of movement and pain levels had improved significantly.

Once she was through treatment, Elly moved over to the fitness section of our facility where she joined one of our 6-week programs. Through our scientifically backed workouts, very simple and easy to follow nutritional advice and of course Elly’s determination, she has lost weight and several inches, and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever. There are days where she does experience occasional pain, however her quality of life has dramatically improved, and she is now able to enjoy all the things she has not been able to in years.

Thank you for all your hard work Elly; these are the stories that make it so fun to come into work every day. This just goes to show that with a proper plan, good progressions at the right time and dedication, you too can enjoy things that you never thought would be possible again.

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