Have you tried to improve the way you run but don’t know where to start? Is a nagging injury keeping you from getting out the door?

Did you know that gait-retrained runners can lower their injury risk by 62% after just 2 weeks of training?

Even though every stride is unique, we developed simple steps to help you run further, faster and injury-free this season.


  1. Run video analysis; watching yourself run is the first step in understanding where you can improve. We will educate you on the do’s and don’ts of running form and bust some common myths along the way.


  1. Biomechanical and strength assessment; at Ignite Health we look at the whole person. Assessing how you move on and off the treadmill will help us narrow down specific strengths and weaknesses so we can start making the changes you need.


  1. Simple fixes; we’ll provide you with simple cues and exercises that you can put into practice right away!


Our goal is to create stronger, faster and more injury-resilient runners. So don’t let injuries slow you down this season. Book your run video analysis today!


You can book a Gait Analysis with Jordan Collison, head of coach of the University of Windsor Lancer’s team, and Ignite Health Osteopath, by clicking here.