Fitness Coaching

At Ignite Health our experienced fitness coaches work closely with our clinic staff to produce high level programming for each individual client. Utilizing comprehensive testing methods every client will be engaged in safe and personalized programming.

Male Personal Trainer 1 on 1

Why 1 on 1 Fitness Coaching?

More Achievable Goals

Whether you goal is performance improvement, weight loss or injury recovery, each program will be streamlined to your goals

You Can Target Specific Weaknesses and Highlight Strengths

Using specific progression and regression exercises every client can be met where they are at in order to produce safe and highly effective programs

Difficulty and Intensity Will Be Based Off Objective and Subjective Testing

These programs will be closely monitored utilizing periodic testing sessions to ensure your goals are always within reach

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer online coaching?

Yes we offer various options for virtual coaching and consultation. Please email us for more information.

Although it is common when starting an exercise program to experience temporary muscle soreness due to your body adapting to something new, it is never normal to be in constant pain or suffer recurring injuries from training. Some programs both online and in other facilities use exercises that are overly complex movements that often result in over training and injury. This will ultimately stall progress and lead to failed goals.

Please contact our office for a free consultation with one of our experienced trainers in order to determine if our programs are right for you.

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