The Vision and Mission of Ignite Health, and what makes Us Different from the others

Written by: Dr. Derek Anderson, Owner and Chiropractor

When I started thinking about opening up my own Chiropractic practice, I knew that I wanted it to be different, and offer more than just chiropractic care. I knew that we needed to add rehabilitation as well, and offer clients a space that is set up for improving function, performance and overall movement. A place where our clients can improve their overall performance, and reach their optimal health.

Over the last year, we have built an incredible team of health and wellness professionals including Dr. Jane Weber (Chiropractic), Crystal Sleiman (Health Coach), Melody Sgabellone and Susan Taylor (RMT), and Jennifer Love (Athletic Therapist). This knowledgeable team helps develop a customized health care plan, by incorporating various techniques to help our clients reach their health & fitness goals, and also recover from injury with the best support possible.

We do this by:

  1. Identifying inefficient and weak movement patterns that should occur naturally ie. Squatting to pick up an object
  2. Treating the root cause of these weak or aberrant patterns utilizing, chiropractic, rehabilitation and massage therapy
  3. Strengthening and conditioning (personal training and small group training) your new and improved movement patterns working either 1-on-1 or in small groups to achieve your health goals (weight loss, strengthen and condition, injury prevention, etc)
  4. Utilizing nutrition to ensure your body has the fuel to recover, heal and restore 

When you go through a traditional clinic, you go through a treatment plan which seemingly involves continuous treatment of the same problem or inevitably has an end date. You heal from your injury, and rehab from that injury and then you are back to what you were doing. Oftentimes you are returning to the same fitness classes or sporting event without the proper knowledge, and preparation to avoid repeat injuries.

At Ignite, we implement a more scientific based approach, where we are looking to improve the function, performance and overall movement pattern using:

  • Exercise 
  • Spine adjustments & extremities treatments
  • Soft tissue therapy & techniques 

For us at Ignite, we want to be able to contribute to every aspect of the clients fitness and health journey. We set objective measures and goals, with each client to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. It could be eliminating back pain, improving cardiovascular health, or to run a marathon. We have the best team in place to help our clients reach their goals and milestones. 

We offer fitness solutions as well, to ensure that our clients are getting the support and motivation that they need to thrive in their health and fitness journey. These include:

  • Health & Fitness Coaching 
  • Pod Training 
  • Gait Analysis 
  • Ignite Running Group


Our fitness team educates our clients on the proper form and technique, while also building programs and offering tools that set our clients up for success. It is all about support, education and implementation, and that is at the core of what we do at Ignite Health.

We want to see our clients seek treatment at Ignite, and then together we develop a model where they have different treatment options to set them up for a successful reintroduction into their physical and everyday activities to prevent repeat injuries. We set our clients up for success, and a seamless transition back into their daily activities & sport, and that is what makes Ignite Health different. 

Personal Trainer with Client

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