5 Exercises You Can Do While Working From Home

Blog post by: Coach Crystal

Working from home can be tough, trust me I understand it all too well. While there are many perks to waking up everyday and not having to get fully dressed and head into the office, sometimes it can become a bit dreary shaking an old habit and creating a new one.

One of the main things so many of my clients say to me is that they are stuck working from home with little to no time for activity. After putting thought into it, I realized the majority of us are stuck in the same routine. Whether it’s working from home, working from the office or stuck in a vicious cycle of work and responsibilities, many of us allow our own health and fitness to take a seat on the back burner.

I’ve listed 5 super simple yet effective exercises that can be done from home any time of the day with the ability to move lightly or build up a huge sweat, the choice is yours! These exercises are quick, effective and can be done from pretty much anywhere – no excuses! 

I suggest blocking 30 minutes in your calendar to do 3 reps of as many of these exercises as you can:

#1 Push Ups

#2 Squats

#3 Jumping Jacks

#4 Skipping (with or without a rope)

#5 Bird Dogs


Need help with any of these exercises? Not quite sure how to move properly through them? Find me on Instagram @coachcrysieee or reach out to me coachcrysieee@gmail.com and let’s get you started today!